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            Where do I begin? 
               Pool pricing 
               Can I add a pool heater later? 
               Bottom or main drain? 
               Pool maintenance 
               Water chemistry 
               Pool operation costs 

"Where do I begin, now that I have decided to build a pool?"
A very good question. However, first, we need a little more information.

Custom Concrete Pool?  
Vinyl Liner Pool?  
Above Ground Pool?  
How many people do you anticipate using this pool?  
Will it be for exercise or entertaining (probably both)?  
Do you want a spa with the project?  
As you can see we can continue to ask questions until we determine the scope of the pool        you want to create. For our purposes we'll make some assumptions in our examples.  

"I would like a custom concrete pool with a spa and waterfalls. I also want sufficient patio for entertaining. How much do you think it will cost and how long will it take to complete?" 
Although all custom pool projects are different in scope, all well-executed projects share some common aspects. The most important aspect is planning. A project that includes many features becomes more and more complex. The cost of your project will depend on many variables, which include: size of pool, size of spa, number of jets, type of plumbing, size of waterfalls, topography of property, access, type and size of pool patio soil conditions and a myriad of other variables. For these reasons, there are no proper answers to this question without a fully-executed, well thought-out plan. 

"Can I add a pool heater later?" 
You can add a heater to most pools at any time in the future. If you think you may want to add a heater there are some things to consider: 

Make sure that there is room in the equipment area to accommodate the heater in the future. Install the concrete slab with the pool so it is ready in the future to house the added equipment.  
Remember that the heater will require a gas line or propane tank. Adding these utilities in the future may cause damage to restored landscaping. Consider installing the utilities with the pool project if you strongly suspect you will be adding a heater in the future.  
"Should I have a bottom or main drain?" 
We think all inground pool's under 8 ft in depth should be equipped with double main drains. This plumbing fixture will aid in the proper circulation of the pool water. In addition, it will help keep the pool clean and uniform in temperature. The main drain should have an anti-vortex type cover and should never be the only suction line active during filter operation 

"How much work does maintaining my pool really require?"
Fifteen minutes per week. A properly constructed pool with a good circulation system that includes an automatic chlorinator and an automatic pool cleaner should require a minimum of maintenance. Weekly maintenance should include: 

Cleaning the skimmer baskets  
Cleaning the pump basket  
Testing the pool water for chlorine & p h levels  
Re-filling the automatic chlorinator  
Periodically we request that you have your pool water professionally tested. Once the water is properly balanced, the water should be checked once a month or after abnormally heavy use or other extreme conditions. We suggest a visit to your local pool supply retail store equipped with a state of the art Computer Water Analysis Test Center. Water testing is usually complimentary to all but please inquire first.  

"I'm not a chemist. How hard is all that water chemistry stuff?"
With today's computer water analysis systems it is almost impossible to screw up when testing your pool's water chemistry. The computer system prints a step by step prescription which specifies the product necessary, the quantity and the proper application method.  

"How much will it cost to operate my pool?"
The cost of operating each different pool will vary based on several factors: 

The total length of the operation season.  
The temperature of the pool water. 
Ideal pool water temperature is between 78 and 82 degrees 
  If you operate a pool heater, the cost of pool operation will be directly effected by the temperature you find comfortable. 

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